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Mar 23 2009

welcoming address

it’s something to be proud of.. but, the truth is this is the beginning..

all the best Project Tango, f.n0rd, k0r.cr3w, Infinity and d.o.t

May 28 2008

Industrial Internship

Weeks to go?
Weekly reports?

Course registration?

Can’t choose not to think…

Apr 15 2008 renewed

sorry for the incovenience… is now back, up and running..

p/s: actually the tunnel server is up and running all the time, cumanya domain tu expired 🙂

Feb 12 2008

an open letter…

taken from kage’s log…

Dear Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Haji Kasim,

I am Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail (ID 7857), an ICT student in UTP from batch Jan2005, and also one of the active UTPchat IRCOperators. I am writing this because I feel like UTP action of forcing UTPchat to it knees several semesters ago is giving a bad impact on community life in UTP. A bad impact which caused UTP to waste the potential of the (so-called) ‘cream de la cream’ which UTP have grabbed early after their SPM examination.

read the rest here

Feb 05 2008

proxy #1

salam and good day.


i would like to share my web proxy. provided by

why web proxy? post regarding proxy before this might helps you.

to ease you. it’s help in browsing sites that you can’t that cause by firewall restriction. after all, it’s still depend on how the firewall is being config to filter you web content, what kind of firewall is that. anyway, just give a try. no one know and one never know if today is your day.

this web proxy is hosted at
i give you both, PHP-proxy and CGI-proxy. What’s the difference? what if i don’t know. Google.

good luck.

Nov 12 2007


hurm..eee is? there is no more eee. it’s ee. you should noticed it earlier than the earliest.

yup. ee. engineering economics. aku bukan penganalisis ekonomi kejuruteraan. biar jurutera itu yang tentukan ekonomi meraka. ekonomi mereka, biarkan mereka. aku bukan engineer(belum?). abaikan.

engineering economics, 2.30pm, Chancellor hall. it’s 11.28am (jam aku memang cepat kalau anda cakap jam saya cepat).