May 28 2008

Industrial Internship

Weeks to go?
Weekly reports?

Course registration?

Can’t choose not to think…

May 26 2008


I do this and that for the only reason.

The only reason i do this and that is(are)…

May 24 2008

SIRIM – harmful site?

Try. Google “SIRIM” and hit the 1st result.


p/s: amar, sirim is a training ground :D. tQ

May 23 2008

Pulau Batu Putih – Singapore’s

setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahya…


May 23 2008

Malaysian Artistes For Unity – Here in My Home

Yang ditunggu 🙂

sebab x de dpt akses internet utk suatu jangka masa yg lama, saya memilih untuk tidak mengupdate blog ini untuk beberapa hari lepas.

wcit? not now. 😀 (it was great. seriously great)

now? read the post’s title.


please. download it here. spread it 🙂

May 17 2008

Welcome to Malaysia :)

WCIT 2008

May 13 2008

iPhone in Malaysia?

SAN FRANCISCO / SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Apple Inc has signed deals to bring the iPhone to four Asian countries later this year, which should help the company surpass its sales goal of 10 million units by the end of 2008.

continue here:…one-b86c26b.html

hurm.. iPhone dalam Malaysia…

May 11 2008

x tau? google r wei.. wiki r wei…

rumi give this link.

it’s mean to tell ppls that, before asking, try to google.

well, at the main of the, there is an easter egg. i found it.

from that, i found this.

what a……..

May 11 2008


Went for WCIT training, yesterday at KL Convention Center.

This training is more related to the event compared the one held last month. Well, the main objective for the 1st training was to build the teamwork and the one held yesterday is more on briefing on the event.

Speech by Dr. Jim was great. He talk about his experience with Walt Disney. If all of us can go to the Disneyland with his silver pass…

I do went to the ITEX, a day before the training. The ITEX was held at the same place, but in different hall. I went to UTP’s Booth. WOW, it was totally different from the one that we have last year. This time, it was bigger. I do visit the other both, looking for what had their invent, some of them was just a simple things, but no one ever come-out with that kind of idea. No doubt, there are also things that i have no idea at all.

I stop at one corner, the project was something to do with steganography. I asked the “owner” of the project to present his project.

bla bla bla bla bla… end.

I ask several question. And ask him to demo how does the things work. Basically it’s all the same with the one that have on the net. Attach a file to the image by modifying it binary/hex.

Why I’m so interested with that things? We do come across this steganography things last i-hack. And for me, what they did was not that secure. But i didn’t said that to them. They do show me their beta version, the upgraded version of the one that they show me before. I’m suprised, one of the method of the encryption is by changing the file extension.

Use any text editor to open the file, you will see the message, plain text, readable.

I have not enough time to go to METALTECH at PWTC. I used to think why do they organise this kind of events, same goes to this wcit. But nowadays, i think i really understand why this kind of event is important. business.

May 08 2008

Here in my home

May 08 2008

Course Registration

The pre-registration activity for July 2008 is scheduled as follows:

Date: 9 May (Friday) – 30 May 2008 (24 hours Internet access)

All students are required to pre-register courses for July 2008 semester via

except for UG Year 1semester 1 students (currently under Foundation 2nd semester). Due to some changes in course structure, registration for UG Year 1 semester 1 student will be done manually by the Registry. We need your full commitment and cooperation to ensure that all online submission to be done within the stipulated time period. A Copy of the Registration Handbook can be obtained from Registration Unit, IRC counters and in the e-learning.

wahai rakan2… tunaikan tanggungjawab anda 😀
pilihlah haluan masing eh 😀

May 08 2008


Fear of Blue Screen of Death? It’s might be yes, especially when you are windows user.

What will you do if you face this kind of problem? Luckily, if you restart, things will go back as normal, no more BSoD. But, once it happen, it might happen again.

Format is not the only way to solve it. When you come across this BSoD, jot down the messages. Google the message, and see what action you need to take.

Just now is my own words. The details are here.

All the best 🙂