Mar 29 2011

Few hours ago I found a url that being shorten that used to “automatically” force-share something on facebook user. I look at that URL and try something with it. I come out with my version.

But for mine, I use I created an account and shorten the URL. I posted the URL on my facebook for about one hour. I remove it from my profile after one hour. Within about 3 hours, 263 clicks.

basically the pointing to manipulated URL contains script that will “automatically” shared using an application named share in facebook. “Saya Hensem!!!” using the victim accounts.

This happened because of the weakness in (not discovered by me).

263 Clicks with 201 unique IPs, in 3 hours. I’m using “Saya Hensem!!!”. It is not “See me naked” or “Latest Justin Bieber topless photo” or any more attractive one.

What to say here is don’t simply click any shared links. Not only in facebook but twitter, emails and many other places.

Yes, the shorten URL helps to ease. But some might make used of it. How?
– Use this to forge any URL
– Use this to point to vulnerable URL that contains malicious script that used to “cookie stealing”
– Phishing
– and bla bla bla…

That is manageable by me. I’ll point it to somewhere else so that this “Saya Hensem!!!” will stop it spread.

Stats is available here:

Mar 27 2011

Pictures’ Speak

Mar 20 2011


thanks. =)

Sorry for those who were not being notified and invited. You know who you are.

Mar 11 2011

Saya nak…

saya nak..

1- Wide Angle Lense*

2- Body Baru – Nikon D7000**

*satu sahaja
** As for now

gila. haha
Mar 07 2011


randomness is good or not?
how about not so random?

what if is predictable? why?