May 22 2011


This is my setup:

to shoot this:

This is my FIRST attempt shooting Kilat. Wanting to do so since undergraduate years, but didn’t put effort on it.

I make it happen today. Some tips on shooting Kilat:

– Damn slow shutter – leave your shutter open for 30secs. if you choose to use BULB, make sure to do it right so that u get a correct exposure on every shot
– It’s a damn slow shutter, so will need support for our camera. don’t bother about support for yourself, especially when we just press wireless remote to trigger the shutter.
– Correct white balancem (to play safe, shoot in RAW or both JPEG & RAW). focus at infinity or whatever, as long as not out of focus. ISO 100 or according to your own professional judgement. Consider turn off Long Exposure Noise Reduction (this is what they called in it NIKON system).
– And the most demanding one, your patience. Pray so get that KILAT strike while your shutter is opened.


May 10 2011


drupal, please be good to me. thank you.

May 04 2011

true URL

short url. getting annoying because of the spam, real-url hidden?

make some effort to “decode” the shorten url to know where it is pointed to. i use this:

simply paste the shorten url and you will get the real one.

if the url is not yet in their database, simply retry. 2nd retry, you should be able to have the real url appeared.

May 04 2011

cd label template

this is disc label template. cd or dvd oso can. i have no blueray to test. download here.