Nov 25 2012

huge mailbox size: what for?

so you have damn big huge large mailbox size. (eg: gmail). what else you can do other than receive and not to delete all those received emails?

This what you can benefit of that great free big mailbox


store you photos, word docs in the mailbox. compose an email, send it to yourself. attached the files. in a second, you will receive the email and it’s going to be there, with those files, until you delete them
Transfer file

you have two laptop. isolated network but both got internet. you can use various filesharing service (eg: mediafire, rapidshare), but you can use your email too. compose an email, attached the file and send it to yourself just like the above one. or you can just save it as draft, no need to send. on the other computer, login to the email, retrieve the saved draft, download the attachment. done.

not to say reminder as telling you what to do when to do. it’s more on your self-note. compose an email, put the subject “To read: something2” and write what ever you want. send it to yourself. later go back to your mailbox, search for that “to read” and you will get whatever things you need to read. you can have to do, notes on maths, or whatever it is.


use the mailbox to the fullest. but be reminded, pnc  stuff inside your email. not helping if your mail password is “Password1”. use a strong or people-cant-guess password. eg: [email protected]@@



Nov 13 2012

an update a while keep bla bla bla bla


i’m a dad now =)

it’s diwali holiday.

i come across this vclip


semenjak dua menjak ni ramai bakal-artis (atau dah artis) yang muncul di youtube. artis youtube kata sesetengah orang. you called them artist youtube ka, artist inde ka apa, they are doing thing that they enjoy to do (i hope so).

kalau tak pk panjang, pada aku lagu2 arini setakat tulis je citer sket. pasal diri ke hidup ke. pastu taruk irama. pastu beres. good to go. is it as simple as that? i dont think so. it  still take at least some effort. time, money, sacrificationationsdasdwefijib. it’s not just “pop”, terus siap.

the video?  it looks simple. still it’s not way out from the story (read lyric). i like it for its simple, clean, light bla bla bla.

lirik ngan video sama ringan. tengok pn tadela pening macam tengok citer inception tu kan.

artis youtube ka, artis AF ke artis mentor ke haper. artis tetap artis. diorang kena keje jugak utk periuk nasi diorang. itu tang artis.

kita ni lagu mana?