Nov 27 2013

disable shutter sound on s4 active

via ssh.

method 1

need to have a write access to the /system
mount -o rw,remount /system

if /system/csc/feature.xml exist, edit this file. if not, edit /system/csc/others.xml. Add the following:

revert the permission
mount -o ro,remount /system


go to camera settings, the shutter sound menu should now available.

p/s: some other feature that is by default not there can be made available. reference:

method 2

need to have a write access to the /system
mount -o rw,remount /system

rename or delate the audio file of the shuttersound. the filename is Shutter.ogg and Shutter_multiple.ogg

revert the permission
mount -o ro,remount /system

p/s: .ogg is open format of audio.


Method 1 might not really turn off the shutter click even the shuttersound menu is off from the setting.

Nov 27 2013

getting ssh access to s4 active

Previous post referred.

ssh access allow us to remotely connect to the device. this enable us to add, delete, modify files on the device including system files.

install SSHDroid –

under the options menu in the sshdroid, change the port to > 1024. eg: 21122

untick the Enable root. somehow if this is enabled, session instantly terminated once credentials entered. we still be able to get root access by “su”


Nov 26 2013

Root Galaxy S4 Active

More on note to self.


Required file: (available from the above link)

1- Install kies (required for the driver). Unzip the downloaded file.

2- Power off phone

3- Start recovery mode. Press Volume Down + Home + Power button and wait.

4- Press volume up, to continue.

5- Screen changed to the green android with status loading and text of do not turn off.

6 – Start Odin3-v1.85.exe – obtained from the downloaded zip file.

7- Start odin. Notice in the box on the left bottom- “Added”

8- PDA – Select CF-Auto-Root-I9295.tar.

9- Hit Start

10- Wait. If Fail, try again. If PASS (Green colour), remove cable. let the phone restart restart.

11- If everything is ok, go check for SuperSU application.

intall Busybox –